Script Formatting Software
Screenwriting Software has evolved over the years and now two software programs dominate: Movie Magic Screenwriter and Final Draft. No one can really tell you which one is better, it depends a great deal on your personal tastes and needs. Some members of our staff absolutely love Movie Magic Screenwriter, while others prefer Final Draft. If you are undecided, read the reviews, talk to your friends, visit the company’s respective websites, download demos then make your own decision. You will be making an investment in your career so put some thought into it.

For those of you waiting until you “make it big” before you buy, being pennywise and pound foolish can hurt you. Agents and producers always want rewrites (free ones, yes) so you had better type fast. With formatting software, you don’t have to worry about retyping the whole screenplay. One of the best things about screenwriting software is that you can make changes on the fly without having to start from scratch. You can play, change things, experiment–it truly frees you to create and although all writers resist change, the pain is lessened because you won’t have to go through the hell of starting from page one.

Script Development Software
Not only can software help you type the script, but it can help you write it. Dramatica Pro 4.0 has a Story Engine and StoryGuide which is great for generating ideas and making your story work structurally while StoryView 2.0 helps you outline your script, giving you a visual map of your story. Can’t find the right words, Word Menu is that dictionary/thesaurus you need to write like a genius.